“The Problem With Reality Is That There Is No Background Music” – Part 2

June 2, 2012


Writing this has made me dig deep into my boxes of CDs and old CD compilations I made and iTunes Music and I love what I have been finding – it has been inspiring me so much that I am struggling to figure out what I should write about – I want to write about […]

“The Problem With Reality Is That There Is No Background Music” – Part 1

May 31, 2012


Music makes my blood dance. I found it really strange that generally people don’t tend to include music to their background – I only noticed this because people tend to get annoyed with me when they are trying to have a conversation with me and they can’t focus because of my background music – they […]

A Lost Generation

April 9, 2012


Our generation is indeed a Lost Generation. This is a term I have been hearing increasingly more often from people aged 18-25 from different backgrounds, different cultures and different locations – like whispers in the night – but all are experiencing the same thing. Our generation has been lied to – unbeknownst to our parents […]

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He actually left…

March 3, 2012


The day finally came when the man I love went back to his country for good. For those of you who read my posts ‘A Heart That Betrays My mind’ the last two of that string of posts were about who I referred to as ‘Person Number 3’. I prefer to give no names or […]

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My Life in Sport So Far…

February 16, 2012


Let me begin with where this story actually started (always a good way to start, right?). I was born in South Africa but actually grew up in Portugal – you may or may not know this, but Portugal is very…very big on its football (soccer) which basically means that not only does everyone watch it […]

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Lucky Green Parakeet

February 13, 2012


For some strange reason, London now has an increasing number of parrots – particularly parakeets – which are actually native to Southern Asia (I decided to do a little research on them). I find it so odd to see these beautiful bright green parrots flying around the suburbs, however, I find them to be a […]

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What Has Happened to People??

January 25, 2012


What has happened to people? Why is it so easy for some people to be so cruel, uncaring and insensitive? Everyone has their own agenda…they do what they do in order to benefit themselves – not that that is entirely wrong, because if we don’t look out for ourselves, who will? What I am trying […]

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