Lucky Green Parakeet

Posted on February 13, 2012


For some strange reason, London now has an increasing number of parrots – particularly parakeets – which are actually native to Southern Asia (I decided to do a little research on them). I find it so odd to see these beautiful bright green parrots flying around the suburbs, however, I find them to be a good luck charm for me. On several different occasions I have always seen one of these gorgeous bright green parakeets flying above me or suddenly appearing in my line of sight just before something positively extraordinary happens in my life.

This time, it was yesterday (12th February 2012) when I woke up in the morning, my window was slightly open – I could see through a little crack. While I was daydreaming and staring into that particular area, a single green parakeet just appeared in my line of sight and perched on a tree branch all quietly, regal and mysterious 🙂 It wasn’t actually snowing at the time but it had been snowing a few days prior, which makes it all the more strange and wonderful 😀

There is already something in the air – it is still undefined but it will all unravel like the flowing pages of a book. I am looking forward to finding out what’s behind all these mysterious doors awaiting me 🙂 I am sure they’re both good and bad…but hey…the one thing I can’t call my life so far is boring. Which I happen to be Ok with.

Perhaps I will share the meaning behind this particular parrot when I find out myself what it is…

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