Hey People..I’m glad curiosity got you to this page 🙂

I am pretty normal when you look at me, but sometimes my thoughts worry me…I honestly don’t know what people would think if they could venture into my mind. I don’t doubt that in time, many of those thoughts will end up escaping and crawling across the pages of this blog.

Anyway, so who am I? The generic answer would be to say: I am a BA Hons Business Management 2011 Graduate from the University of Greenwich in London and I am going through the sad and beaten path of applying for jobs everyday in the hopes of someone giving me a break.

I could also go on to say that I am South African and Portuguese, with some Dutch and Irish thrown in there too (there have been talks about French and German blood there somewhere too, but I’ll stick with what I know for sure) and I am now living in London. Being foreign is something I love.

I don’t really want to venture into the religion topic..but I am an Atheist – just so that its clear.

I am crazy, no..obsessed, no…fanatical!!! about music, I am in constant search of new tunes, and I love good lyrics. This is something I will be sharing with you guys quite often.

Another biggy that can’t be ignored or neglected is the fact that I am a Feminist. Yes, I say a feminist, despite the negative connotations that go with it!!! But I will be clarifying all of that real soon – don’t you worry 😉

In terms of personal traits..well there are many, but I am argumentative, hard-headed, can be temperamental but have my calm side too, I am extremely cynical..I think I have a problem with that actually, I am quite a caring person when I want to be, I’m energetic, I love reading and I love sports. My current sport is football..I play like 3 times a week and its always the best part of my week.

There are a lot of things I want to learn about myself…so what I’ve said above is pretty much what I know. I hope you’ll find yourself stumbling upon my blog –> meghangaze.wordpress.com <– regularly…like you know…your hand slipped and you accidentaly clicked on my page 😀 and out of their own volition, your fingers will attack the keyboard and leave some word candy for me!! I will of course make sure I also accidentalyonpurpose explore the scribbles you’ve left for the world to do with it as it may 🙂

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